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Registration fee is $35.00 per family, due at time of registration and is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Registration is for the entire school year September through May.

Early Registration:

Register before August 1,  and pay no registration fee

Monthly tuition is based on instruction for the entire school year and divided equally into 9 monthly payments. (Additional fees are paid separately.)

Tuition is not prorated due to absences, closures due to weather, holidays, etc. Missed classes can be made up and you are encouraged to do so. Company and Pre-Company students are required to make up classes. Tuition and fees are non-refundable or transferable.  

Monthly Payment Option: Payments are to be made by automatic bank draft or credit card on file the 1st of each month September through May. Payments will continue until you notify us in writing by the first of the month prior to wanting to withdraw.

Annual Payment Option: Annual tuition paid in full by September 1st will receive a 10% discount.

Late Payment Policy: If the payment on file fails an email will be sent to notify you. It is your responsibility to contact us on how you will handle payment. A $20 late fee will be applied to accounts 10 days past due. Students will not be allowed to attend class when accounts are past due 60 days.

Each additional sibling will receive a 10% discount on their tuition.

Single drop-in class: $20.00

Private lessons with Stevan: $100.00

Classes and Ages

Class placement is at the discretion of the studio. The ages listed for each class are an estimation. Age does not necessarily determine class placement and no dancer is guaranteed a place in a class based on their age. As children develop differently and at different ages and begin dancing at different ages. Younger children may qualify for more advanced classes while older dancers may need a more beginner level class.

Withdrawal Policy

Annual registration is a commitment for the full nine months of classes, September through May.

If you must withdraw from a class, tuition fees will continue to be debited from your account until a written withdrawal letter is received and processed. Notification of withdrawal must be received in writing by the 1st of the month to stop the next month’s charges to your account. Withdrawals received after the first of the month will be considered dated as the first of the next month.   

Alabama Youth Ballet Company has the discretion to cancel a class and accommodate students in other classes to the best of Alabama Youth Ballet Company’s ability. Students who cannot be enrolled in an alternate class and choose to withdraw their registration before participation will have any prepaid fees refunded.

  1. Past due accounts: Students who carry a past due account balance for two or more months are not permitted to return to class until their account is current. Students with any unpaid performance fees, tuition or other fees cannot participate in Alabama Youth Ballet Company productions, including the spring performance. The responsible party (as indicated by their signature on the registration form) is liable for any and all fees and costs associated with collecting any past due balance including attorney fees and court costs.
  2. Tuition is not prorated for missed classes.
  3. If the status of your enrollment changes (i.e. moving, dropping, etc.), it is your responsibility to notify AYBC as soon as possible to tell us of the change. Without timely notification, tuition accrues and billing continues.

Canceled and Missed Classes

Weather Related Closings:

In the event of inclement weather, the studio follows the City of Helena’s closing schedule for public schools. When the public schools are closed for the day or released early due to inclement weather, the studio will be closed. We will post cancellations on our website, Facebook, and GroupMe.  Please check these sites for updates.

Missed Classes:

All students are expected to attend the classes for which they are registered. Should a student need to miss class, please contact us so we can alert their instructor and make a note on attendance records.

In the event of illness, students MUST stay home. We kindly ask your respect in adhering to this policy in the interest of the safety and wellness of all students. Alabama Youth Ballet Company reserves the right to remove a student from class or rehearsal in the event the student exhibits any signs of illness, including but not limited to flu-like symptoms or other symptoms of a contagious illness, such as pink eye or rash. Should a student be absent, they are encouraged to take a make-up class during another class time in their same level or a level lower.

In the interest of our students and families, make-up classes allow students to keep pace with the momentum of Company curriculum, safely build physical strength and maximize the value of their tuition.

Please contact Cindy to schedule a make-up class for your student. During the year, there is no official limit on the number of allowable absences.

Please note:

Missed classes for any reason are not eligible for refunds. Once rehearsals for a production start, students may not miss more than three rehearsals. This includes regular performance classes and additional production rehearsals. Students with a combination of more than three rehearsal or performance class absences could lose their role. It is important for all dancers to be able to rehearse with everyone there.

Class Policies

Students may use personal cell phones before and after class, students must turn off and put away cell phones when entering the studio.

Students should keep their belongings in designated areas. Please bring only what you need for class each day. Students will be allowed to bring their belongings into the studios but bags and items must be placed along the wall or in the dressing rooms. Valuables should be left at home. Students should mark all belongings with their name in permanent ink. The Alabama Youth Ballet Company is not responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen items.

Students are expected to be on time if not early. Alabama Youth Ballet Company classes will begin promptly at the scheduled start time. Students are strongly encouraged to arrive early to warm up and stretch. If a student can’t avoid being late, they should enter quietly and wait for permission from their instructor to enter the dance floor and after class, let their instructor know why they were late. Students arriving after a certain point may be directed to observe the class as it may be physically harmful to jump into more complex exercises without a proper warmup. Class participation for late arrivals is at the discretion of the instructor.

Dress Code

It is important for instructors to appropriately spot technical errors and offer constructive feedback. It is also a benefit for there to be uniformity in the studio. Alabama Youth Ballet Company requires all students to abide by the Alabama Youth Ballet Company dress code.

Students arriving to class without their designated uniform will receive a verbal warning from their instructor on the first occurrence.

The following dress code policies apply to all students regardless of age:

  • Students should arrive at the studio in street clothes or cover-ups. We strongly discourage students from traveling to and from class wearing only a leotard.
  • No jewelry (except small earrings) or watches may be worn during class or rehearsal.
  • Sweat pants, baggy shirts, unitards, etc. are not permitted during class.
  • Ballet skirts may be worn for pre-pointe and pointe classes only.
  • Students should be free of body odor. Please, no perfume or perfumed lotions.
  • Hair must be neat and secured away from the face.
  • Ladies: Hair must be pulled back and secured in a tight “ballet bun” (no ponytails)
  • Gentlemen: Hair should be well groomed and away from the face


  • Leotard
  • Tights – Ballet pink-footed or convertible tights
  • Ballet Slippers – pink leather or canvas slippers with elastic
  • Pre Pointe Shoes – pink with ribbon and elastic (once a student has been advanced to pre-pointe work)
  • Pointe Shoes – pink with ribbon and elastic (once a student has been advanced to pointe work)
  • Skirt- optional


  • Shirt – close-fitting white t-shirt
  • Shorts – black bike shorts may be worn in place of tights
  • Tights – black tights or leggings
  • Socks – white
  • Ballet Shoes – white or black leather or canvas slippers with elastic